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We have been keeping the allotment at Haredean in Lewes for the last five years or so. This year (2021) has been especially difficult, not least because we have had an extended winter and one of the wettest springs on record. Summer is turning out to be even more...

Mushroom Lasagne

Mushroom Lasagne

This was a perfect alernative to a meat-based lasagne. The sauce was rich and creamy, and the pasta layers fondant and delicious. facebooktwitter

Guinea Fowl with Squash

Not a bad variant on Sunday roast. The Guinea fowl roasted for an hour and a bit at 180° and the squash was flavoured with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, chilly pepper, all scrunched up together in olive oil, then drizzled lemon on at the end before serving.

Lou Terral

Vastly improved in recent years, Lou Terral has had some great menus du hour this summer. One of the best salads served was this Roquefort salad with walnuts and tomatoes. Delicious.

Cote Lewes

2 August. French onion soup, hake piperade, creme brulee, good Saint Chinian red, delicious cocktail on the house to start.

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