The restaurant is in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old City. I had wanted to eat elk, so we had headed initially to The Flying Elk in Malartorget. This turned out to be a gastropub serving Swedo-Brit fusion food. After some discussion, we ascertained that elk was not on the menu and headed on.

The elk at Marten Trotzig at Vasterlanggatan is served as a mousse on lingonberry bread. For me, Trotzig is everything a restaurant should be. It is furnished quite simply, the waiter was relaxed but informative about the menu, and the food was inventive but not at the expense of flavour.

IMG_3537The wine the waiter had suggested was a Barbera d’Asti produced from the Liedholm vineyard, named after the Swedish footballer Nils Liedholm who is known as Il Barone in Italy. Liedholm was a big name in the 1950s and 1960s. I skirted round the issue when the waiter asked if I knew him.

Along with the elk mousse on lingonberry bread, a memorable dish, I had the reindeer with polenta, also good.